Bullying | Grade 5 Class at Empire Public School; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

2023 Top Winner Kids, NBPC’s Students with Solutions Contest

Working on the bullying prevention videos allowed us to carry on our discussions about bullying, but more importantly it allowed us to take some action. It was empowering to watch students work together as a team to produce their individual videos and hear them share their ideas on screen. They put a lot of effort into their submissions and should be so very proud that they are standing up to bullying. Every single one of us has a responsibility to stand up to bullying. Jillian, Grade 5 Educator

BE KIND | Grade 5 Class at Empire Public School; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

2023 Top Winner Kids, NBPC’s Students with Solutions Contest

Our students participated in creating this video, as at Empire Public School we try to encourage acceptance and inclusion and remind students when playing on the playground or working together in class that ‘there’s always room for one more.’ Nobody wants to be left out. For the most part students at our school have created an environment where all feel welcome. However, students in P7 were experiencing some uneasy feelings of being left out and this sparked a class wide discussion about bullying. We watched some of the NBPC videos and had some lively discussion about how we could take responsibility to end bullying. When we saw the video competition, we thought it would be a great way to share our learning with others. Jillian, Grade 5 Educator

What Is Bullying | Mrs. McBride’s Kindness Club at Mapleshade School

2023 Top Winner Kids, NBPC’s Students with Solutions Contest

This video helped to spark many important conversations with students and staff surrounding what bullying looks like, where it can happen, and ways that students can respond. The students discussed the responsibility that they have, along with their classmates, to stand up together against bullying. Following the presentation of the videos to the school, the school community as a whole was able to have further discussions about creating and maintaining a kind, supportive, and respectful school environment. The video helped to strengthen the importance of empowering students to stand up against bullying. Mrs. McBride

What Bullying Is | Arlington 5th grade in collaboration with the 5th grade Belonging Club

2023 Top Winner Kids, NBPC’s Students with Solutions Contest

The 5th grade Belonging Club at Arlington in Tacoma, Washington, is a group of student leaders who help work on the feeling of belonging and wanting to be at our school. They identified bullying as an issue that made them feel like they didn’t want to be at school, which also effects attendance and academics. They decided to participate in this project as part of a desire to change the narrative. They wanted to be leaders in helping stop bullying. They enlisted the help of other students at their grade level to participate if they wanted to. The video is a combination of students from the Belonging Club and students in 5th grade that wanted to participate in making a difference to help stop bullying.

This is Bullying

Top Entry in 2022, submitted by Mrs. Concagh’s Class at Dogwood Elementary School, NBPC’s “Students with Solutions”

Dogwood Elementary has a monthly broadcast that highlights student achievements and encourages students to make positive changes in our community. Our recent broadcast theme was “kindness,” and the students created videos to teach their younger peers how to prevent bullying, how to recognize it, and what to do if they see or experience it. We spoke about why bullying hurts, and how one child’s decision to stand up when they see something hurtful happening can make all the difference.

KWS Kids Talk About Bullying

Top Entry in 2022, submitted by Jo Anne Hall, NBPC’s “Students with Solutions”

Words, whether said in-person or online, Just like physical actions Can hurt just as much Because all bullying hurts. Bullying can happen anywhere anytime.

The Gameshow – No Bull, No Bullying!

Top Entry in 2022, submitted by Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Upstanders NBPC’s “Students with Solutions”

Upstanders started this school year to respond to an overwhelming need to address bullying within the school setting. Our vision is to create an environment where students have decided to “Be part of the solution!” The students will be responsible for creating a culture in our school in which students are either part of the problem or they are part of the solution. There is no middle ground. Leaders will emerge from this group as students who stand up for their peers and do not tolerate any form of bullying. We also have had an amazing response from students! Approximately 54 fifth grade students out of 92 have participated since we began. We have had real, meaningful conversations about bullying. Students have so many questions and need a forum, a safe place to have this conversation.

Together Against Bullying

Animated video created from student drawings and writing that shows that kids want bullying to stop and want to be part of the solution.

Can a Friend Be Bullying Me? Student Response | PACERTalks About Bullying: Season 3, Ep. 19

How is Bullying Defined? 60 Second Response | PACERTalks About Bullying | Season 3, Episode 1

Welcome to Season 3 of PACERTalks About Bullying, our weekly video series all about bullying prevention – including informational content, interviews, and more! To kick off this season, we begin with the basics by answering in 60 seconds or less the question “How is bullying defined?”

How is Bullying Defined? Student Responses | PACERTalks About Bullying | Season 3, Episode 2

Students respond to the question, “How do you define bullying?”

What Kids Want Parents to Know About Cyberbullying | PACERTalks About Bullying: Season 2, Episode 17

Middle school students provide insight about their online experiences, and share what they want their parents to know about cyberbullying.

Bullying and Its Impact | PACERTalks About Bullying: Season 2, Ep. 11

Have you ever heard “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Research has shown that this old saying simply isn’t true. Words can hurt, and bullying can leave a lasting impact.

What is Bullying (the basics)

This video, created by RocketKids and narrated by Elvis, goes through the tough subject of bullying with some basic information to help kids identify it, how to avoid it, and breaks down the difference between conflict and bullying.


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Cyberbullying: What Makes it Unique | PACERTalks About Bullying, Episode 13

The dynamics of using technology to hurt, harm or humiliate another individual or group are examined in this video.

What Bullying Is

Kids talk about what bullying means to them.