Looking for ways to get involved? Explore the items below on our suggested “to-do” list.

Tell your school about the bookmarks

The “KidsAgainstBullying” bookmark for elementary school students invites students to take the “Be A Kid Against Bullying” pledge. The other side features the characters from the Club Crew.

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Watch videos from our library

A collection of videos (located on our National Bullying Prevention Center website) which are created by us or for us, along with a few sent in by our audience. All are curated around content themes of bullying prevention, kindness, acceptance and inclusion.


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Nominate someone for a Unity Award

Celebrating those creating a world without bullying!

The Unity Awards, first held in 2015, are a celebration to recognize those who are helping to create a kinder, more inclusive, and more accepting world—whether it’s by empowering others to take positive action, advocating for those who need support, or sharing acts of kindness that cause a ripple effect in the community.

One of the 2022 recipients was Emma, a first grader, nominated by her teacher, Katy Copas, who shared that she is so proud of Emma for her incredible act of kindness. Her story goes like this, a fellow student got her hair cut in a short bob. A few kids in the class made fun of the girl, calling her a boy. Emma told her teachers in secret that she was going to get her hair cut like the girl. She was very excited about it. Then a few days later, she walked into the classroom with her hood on. She walked up to the other girl, pulled her hood down to reveal her hair cut, which was short just like the other girl. The other girl got so happy, and the two embraced.

Unity Awards


Do more!

There are many opportunities to take action as an individual or at your school or community using these resources from PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, the organization who created and manages Kids Against Bullying.