Meet Gabe and Jade | PACERTalks About Bullying: Season 2, Episode 9

Jade and Gabe, two cousins from Minnesota, were personally impacted by bullying, and wanted to do something that would help prevent bullying for all students. In 2012, with the help from their family and community, they turned their passion into an annual fundraising event called “Spook City in the Woods,” which is designed to show that if you think the trail is scary, think how it feels to be bullied. Watch this episode to learn more about this amazing event, special thanks to Gabe and Jade for the incredible impact they have made!

Meet Oskar. He’s 7 years old, and he didn’t like the bullying he was seeing. So he decided to share his allowance to help other kids learn about bullying.

Oskar wrote:

“My name is Oskar. I am 7 years old. I have heard friends say mean things and I don’t like it! Please accept my allowance for this week. I hope this money helps to each kids not to bully!”

How will YOU help stop bullying?


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