I Care Because…

  • I don't like bullying because it makes people sad

    hadeel and broden — 9 and 9
  • People are getting hurt, upset, humiliated because of bullies, we need to stop bullying!

    ramzi & rami — 9
  • i hate bullying because it makes you feel sad and lonely, i hate name calling because it makes you feel bad about yourself and nobody wants that so be proud of yourself because you are the best version of yourself!

    maisie — 9
  • don't bully. the people in your school could be happy and peaceful, if you didn't bully. think, think of what you're doing. making people feel bad, is rude and rude.

    roman — 10
  • be kind NO BULLY

    tarzan — 11
  • bullying should never be accepted bullying is a big sin any place it will make anybody feel horrible and unwanted bullying is illegal school is special so you can be safe and make mistakes and learn from them but bullying is ruining school and making school unsafe

    muhammad & meshachch — 9 & 9
  • i think bullying should stop because if you are talking about bullying it can give you a flashback about when you got bullied

    sofia and darcy — 9
  • bullying is bad

    tarzan — 8
  • be kind

  • first off, Nobody deserves to be bullied because bullying is wrong. If you ever get bullied you need to be brave take a big step and walk away. If they hurt you don't hurt them back because if you do it back you might become the bully.

    Isla Rose & Maddy — 9