I Care Because…

  • I care because I know what its like to get picked on. I get picked on for my height because I'm really short and everyone is really tall (I'm a 7th grader). And no one should be picked on for anything. It makes me sad when someone is being bullied.

    Azia H — 13
  • if people stop bullying the world
    would be better

    ariyah — 9
  • i always i get picked
    on for my clothes
    and color

    ariyah — 9
  • People who bully usually have problems of their own. If you have problems, don't take your anger out on others, tell someone about your problems, then, we can fix them.

    Sadie — 15
  • Bullying people is not the way to show you're stressed or any other way.

    Brooke — 12
  • Bullying just makes everyone hurt. In a matter of fact, kids could cry and believe every word the bully says. They even may not want to go to school anymore.

    Jeffrey — 9
  • bullies are mean so follow your own dreams!

    Krisha — 10
  • I care about bullying because it causes people to feel sad and insecure about them self and maybe try to hurt themself . It is very mean and rude to bully people and it is not right to bully people.

    Olivia — 12
  • to stop bullying

    jannie — 12
  • I care because I was bullied from my freshman year to senior year in High School.I was quite and shy. I didn't wear stylist clothing and shoes.

    LA —