I Care Because…

  • Bullying shouldn't be aloud because many people have self-harmed due to bullying. WE SHOULD STOP BULLYING!

    Deja — 11
  • bullying is so mean

    lily — 8
  • I feel like I can sometimes be a bully but I have feelings for others

    Kamia — 12
  • Bullying just makes nobody want to be your friend. So again, don't be a bully.

    Brad — 8
  • Its really quite simple, you see. Don't be a jerk, kindness is free!

    Hagen — 8
  • I think bullying is bad. if i was a bully i have to think before i do something and think about if that person will be me so we need to stop bulling others and think how u whould feel if that was u u will feel sad and worried. STOP BULLYING OTHERS JUST STOP.

    Parris — 10
  • bullying is the horriblest thing so don't do it

    brittany — 10
  • bullying should not be done to other people for being what they want to be

    yohanne — 11
  • I think it is wrong

    Eoin — 8
  • People shouldn't bully. No matter the reason for it. And every bully has a reason. So instead of bullying they should either talk to an adult or talk to the kid who they are bullying.

    Princess — 11