I Care Because…

  • I'm often bullied because of my hand writing

    Gussy — 9
  • Because bullying can affect people in many ways and this situation makes the person who is being bullied feel like they aren't good enough.
    I don't get bullied. But I'm tired of others getting bullied. And if the people who are getting bullied see this I just want them to know that they are better than that bully. Don't let them break you or bring you down. Stay strong ❤❤

    Ashleigh — 10
  • I care because it doesn't matter what people look like or talk like or more you just gotta be yourself and don't listen to the haters! Anything is possible if you try!

    Angela — 9
  • I care because bullying is very bad, and causes people to not like things they used to, and even give in to the bully.

    Eli — 10
  • Because it sucks being the target and it is really bad being the target

    Rical — 10
  • I don't like bullying. I care because bullying is not the right thing to do. Bullying has been a really big deal at some schools. Bullying hurts other peoples feelings and it makes them feel bad about them self. I also care because bullying has gone too far at some schools and the police will go to the school. I've never been bullied but I can't imagine that because it just makes me a little scared. If you are getting bullied tell an adult right away. That is why I care about bullying.

    Briana — 11
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated. I don’t want to be bullied so I don’t bully others.

    Marc — 7
  • Bullying is WRONG. Do YOU want to be one of those?

  • I care because bullying is a really bad thing that I want to stop from happening.

    Lena — 10
  • Some people bully others to try to make other people like them and that is wrong.

    Nathan — 8