I Care Because…

  • I care because bullying can lead to causes where the person's life is at risk because of how they feel.

    Bryan — 13
  • I care because all people should be treated equally.

    Diana — 13
  • i care because bullying is not healthy for other kids, when they see you do that maybe other kids do that too

    Shiloh — 13
  • because no kids deserve to get bullied or be the victim I just wish cyberbullying and bullying is gone

    Skyler — 10
  • I care because a kid should be treated the same.

    Claire — 11
  • I care because it can ruin lives and their families will be depressed

    Eunice —
  • I care because bullying others I not cool and it can affect others' lives

    Ada —
  • i care because i wont let anyone get bullied because the victim's feelings will be bad and they will get hurt because of the bully. bullying needs to stop immediately because it ruins our society, all of us humans in the world needs to care for each other and not hurt each other.

    Joaquin — 12
  • "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good"

    Skyler — 10
  • I promise to help others stop bullying around the world. Helping others to speak up about it and share their feelings with the teachers and parents in the same way that I did. I promise to take care and respect the differences and other kids' personalities and feelings.

    Jaydriel — 11