I Care Because…

  • Bullying isn't fair. Many people are bullied everyday because of their appearance, actions, religion or race and for what makes them unique. Being different, or unique, is what makes everyone special and it shouldn't be discouraged. Being special is what makes our world special and diverse. Everyone was made in the image of God and is loved by our God. It is important that we accept everyone for who they are and we shouldn't make fun of, or tease anyone for their differences.

    Harry — 13
  • I care and aim to stop Bullying because everyone should be able to learn how to get along with one another, especially children at school. No one should feel afraid, or fear any sort of harm, for looking,talking or thinking differently from their peers. I'm encouraging kids to practice THE GOLDEN RULE-treating everyone the way they want people to treat them, and to strive for Peace-Unity-Tolerance-Respect-Inclusion& Harmony!

    JoAnne —
  • I think bullying is when when a lot of people gang up on you and tease you and doing that everyday and being mean to you and hurting your feelings and hitting you and makes you really emotional and mad and the bully’s do that a lot of times if this happens you can tell a adult or you can just ignore them if they are teasing you it happens to everyone the majority of bullying tends to happen in the classroom, on the playground, at home or on the school bus.

    Kevin — 9
  • i think that it should get posted because i think EVERYBODY should stop bullying and i ALSO think that THEY should hear my opinion about HOW TO STOP BULLYING but that is up to them to listen or not

    marissa — 11
  • i care because bullying should be illegal in all states kids like me go thorugh so much already we shouldnt have to worry about rather we are going to be bullied every time we turn around. i care bc something needs to be done for every bully that is out there there should be a consequence for their actions. i care bc of my cousin she has had bullys be mean to her more often then she would like but thankfully her bullies were taken care of by her school principal. this why i care i have autism i know others like myself with autism we should feel safe when we attend publics schools. i truly wish everyone would learn to respect eachother no matter what. this is coming strait from my heart iam autistic but i know how to show respect and i know bullying is wrong and some how accepted in some work places and schools.

    abigail — 11
  • i care for people being bullied are comitting suicide because they are being bullied mostly everyday. i was bullied for the whole first grade before i didn't like getting bullied i stood up to the bullies and they left me alone.

    shameyun — 11
  • I've always been told to be kind,and kill it with kindness. I've been bullied before but continuing to show kindness makes a big difference. She is now my friend and she feels wanted and cared for. Basically most bullies are crying out for attention because they probably dont get it at home. So remember just be kind! But always set safe boundaries.

    Elaina — 12
  • Bullying is not right take your stand and prevent bullying.👍

    Shamerria — 11
  • My name is Kimberly I love to learn and be friends with everyone ..but it hurts me when they bully me and treat me differently..in my heart we are god's sons and we are one big family that should be loving each other not hurting each other

    Kimberly — 12
  • people younger punch me.

    carol — 1001