I Care Because…

  • cuz i care

    jacob — 10
  • Because i think that children should not get bullied.

    cameron — 10
  • I care about bullying because It can hurt people. A family member once was bullied and I cried too. It's not right, because everyone is great just the way they are.

    Fiffie — 21
  • I care because bullying makes me want to die, if you a bully please look and the mirror and see the person you are. Are you ashamed? Good. Change because you can literally drive someone to harm themselves. Also saying “hurt people hurt people” is NO excuse to bully someone. If you are being hurt get help. Nobody deserves to be bullied.

    Noah — 13
  • I care because every kid matters!

    Karolyn —
  • bullying hurts people and can be really dangerous to people

    christopher — 10
  • because i was bullied as a kid

    osiel — 10
  • care because Bullying is not good to do you can hurt someone's feelings. anyways my name is jasmine and I am in 4th grade. I get bullied too and it hurt my feelings sometimes I cry and it does not feel good and I haven't told the teacher. should I tell her

    Jasmine — 9
  • I care because it is not right. It happens to me every day at school. I will tell you a little bit about me. My name is Faith and i'm also in 5th grade. I have been school to school and house to house. My family travels. I hate moving school to school and house to house. Anyway, bullying can hurt people's feelings. I know what is and is not right. When you are bullied tell someone. If you see anyone getting bullied stand up for them and tell someone. Please take my advice and stay cool!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!

    Faith — 11
  • I got bullied so bad one night I cried my parents found out and helped me by telling the principal and it stopped because I got help. so if you're being bullied get help.

    Sam — 14