I Care Because…

  • Because it is mean and wrong and nobody has the right to do it

    Adilee — 11
  • i think bullies are people that have or are being bullied by somebody else

  • Bullying is bad i have seen people get bullied and then become depressed

  • I think bullying is stupid because bullies bully because they feel bad about their selves or because of how they look or how much money they have. Also just because we're all different doesn't mean people have to bully if you really get to know someone you might be good friends.

  • Don't bully cause you're gonna get in trouble anyways and other kids aren't gonna like like you if you're a bully.

    A Child — 11
  • Bullying is something that should not happen because it can mentally AND physically hurt people who never did anything wrong.

    nunia — 12
  • Don't bully people because you don't know what else they're going through.

    L — 11
  • I think that bullying is wrong and it needs to stop

    Taliyah — 13
  • You Should not bully people

    Orion — 12
  • i think its bad to bully cause you don´t know what is going on in their personal life