I Care Because…

  • you should help them

    reiotn — 10
  • Bullying hurts people

    anonymous — 9
  • Its like a whirlpool you can get stuck in it but you can get out and you need to ask someone for help to get out or else it is going to be hard to get out by yourself.


    Lauryn — 10
  • bullying is bad it is like a roller coaster at first its bad but not horrific but at the big drop it is terrifying.

    levi — 10
  • I do not like bullying it can make people cry and not want to come to school and see their friends because there is a bully bullying them.

    Lauryn — 10
  • bullying is wrong. you are talking about people. that is wrong. kids are bullying kids that are younger than you that is wrong and mean to others and they don't want to go to school and learn.

    maya — 11
  • Why do people bully if there's a whole world out there to care for?

    Annie — 9
  • I care about the people so why do you do it

    Clareqe — 14
  • bullying is like a whirlpool. you get caught in it, and you can't get out. it hurts.

    Eddie — 10
  • Because who wouldn't?

    <3 — Unknown