I Care Because…

  • Bullies hurt ๐Ÿ˜” peopleโ€™s feeling and they get lonely

    Jasslyn โ€” 9
  • i care because i have been bullied and i still am getting bullied for the way i look and i don't want people to go through that

    kjha โ€” 11
  • bullying is not a nice thing to do so if you're a bully you need to stop now

    kiah โ€” 7/8
  • Because it has a serious affect on individuals. It makes them feel hurt.

    Agadoo โ€” 21
  • Bullying is important

    Olivia โ€” 10
  • Because bullying makes peopleโ€™s heartbroken and breaks their feelings and for me too

    David โ€” -7
  • it's not nice for the bully too cause she be will sad also

    hamda โ€” 8
  • Because it hurts peoples feelings

    David โ€” 7
  • The reason why i care is because Lots of people get bullied because of there race and color of skin tone. I do not think bullying is funny at all because it hurts other peoples feelings.

    Shannon โ€” 12
  • I used to bully people but then I saw how bad it is so I stopped.

    Taizoon โ€” 10