I Care Because…

  • bullying makes people sad and bring people down

    willow — 9
  • I know what it feels like to get bullied some kids older then me used to bully me when I was in first grade are now my friends so if you were ever a bully when you are older please recognize what you did and fix it.

    connor — 8
  • because bullying is wrong

    jimmy — 10
  • because people can get really hurt. and I don't want anyone to get hurt

    bryce — 9
  • As a kid that was bullied I care because it is not okay to bully people get hurt in different ways and it affects people in more ways then you know and it hurts me to see that happen.

    Jaclyn — 11
  • I care because I have a friend who was bullied. She is a good friend, but nobody likes her and I don't know why. She got bullied in the bathroom at my school by some girls and apparently it was bad enough to make her cry. I wouldn't ever bully someone even if they were mean to me. Yes i would be mad at them if they were mean to me but that doesn't mean to bully them. I personally would pray for them because you never know what is going on at home with them maybe they have some family problems. So that's why I care. P.S. NEVER BE A BULLY

    kadie — 13
  • because if you bully pepole you will lose friends

    Nashmia — 9
  • i care because this is starting to become a problem to kids we should be kind to everyone and stand up to kids who are getting bullied

    Travis — 10
  • I care because the person who is getting bullied could get hurt and if someone gets hurt then they might never recover and if they don't recover then they will always be hurt.

    Marcus — 10
  • I care because bullying can hurt and tear apart the moods of a target

    Samamtha — 10