I Care Because…

  • Bullying is Bad it can make people hate themselves

    Alex — 11
  • Because it can make people hurt themselves and it can cause depression

    Angie — 12
  • Because bullying is very bad for our society and we should try and stop it!
    It could ruin people's lives by making them hurt emotionally and injured.

    Jacob — 12
  • Bullying = Bad

    Coopet —
  • Because bullying affects lots of people and it can cause mental and physical damage.

    Beau — 11
  • because it's mean

    chevy —
  • I'm sick of being made fun of at school i tell a teacher and they can't do much, so i took matter into my own hands and figured it out on my own and you can do the same! 🙂

    Lily — 13
  • Bullying is awful for everyone who is involved. The bully is sad and the person who is being bullied is sad. Bullying affects everyone.

    Dena —
  • I want to stand up for people who get bullied. I am in 5th grade and there is so much mean things happening at school like people making fun of other people, pushing, not following the rules and other things. I can not imagine what would happen at middle school. I think that 5th graders should be the example to the other/younger kids. Bullying is not one of them. I hope to help end bullying for innocent kids.

    Lale 🙂 — 10
  • Bullying is bad. STOP BULLYING! Bullying can lead to depression, anxiety etc. Also if you're not "cool" then people can bully you RANDOM like, I was bullied just because i was youngest 🙁 STOP BULLYING

    Sara — 9