I Care Because…

  • I care because I love everyone and if I see someone who is getting bullied i would tell the the bully to stop and I would tell the nearest teacher or staff near me.

    Mariana — 10
  • because i have been bullied someone called me stupid. someone called me ugly when i am not so i know how it feels. so ya that is why i care.

    grace👸🏼 — 8
  • why I care because it can change how people are and what I mean is that if you don't bully a kid they can have a good life but if you do bully kids they can have a miserable and sad life all because someone was mean to them.

    Cruz — 10
  • i want to be nice to my class i want to have friends like S. she was my best friend i helped her because she got hurt so i help i didn't walk away i helped that a good thing to do.

    tempe — 10
  • I am not being bullied and I never was but I feel so bad for kids that have to go through that. I am lucky I did not go through that. I want all of that to stop now then we could all be friends. These kids did not do anything to the bullies but the bullies did something to them.

    Drake — 11
  • I care because people can feel and might want to hurt themselves. We can stop that from happening by standing up to the bully for them.

    Tokoyami —
  • I care because I don't want kids to get hurt. The other thing is that the kids that are getting bullied can't fight back.

    samrudh — 9
  • because bullying is not right

    Marley — 9
  • I care because I don't want my feelings hurt nor anyone else's. I would want to be able to stand hand in hand some day without any arguments, or fighting.

    Brady — 11
  • I see a lot of bullying so I want to have something to explain things I have been seeing not only u my teacher’s to.

    Kevonna — 10