I Care Because…

  • bullying or cyberbulling can really hurt or make anyone depressed and can make them think negative things about school

    Zane — 11
  • i hate having bullies at school they are very mean i had a bully here but now he is gone and i have friends now to be
    by my side

    kendrick — 10
  • I care because I have been bullied and when I see others get bullied I get sad. Bullying someone is bad and it can make people self-harm. People should think about others. When people bully others, they do it because they have been hurt, they have been bullied, or they might think they are cool and better than others. There are different type of bullying but the most common is when they bully at school. people get bullied online and people can just get random text from someone. Be who you truly are and don't let anyone take you down. Stand up and help STOP BULLYING NOW

    Kalani — 10
  • I like to have lots of friends and no worries so I want to get rid of bullying. there are lots of kids out there that are getting bullied and it is keeping them from doing what they love and being free. bullying is very bad and I want to prevent it as much as possible.

    bristol — 10
  • I care because I get bullied on Roblox. Getting bullied online is the same as getting bullied offline too. But the bully does not have enough courage to say it to your face. That's why I care.

    Gabby — 10
  • I care because bullying is wrong. it can hurt someone's feelings. A lot of people bully because someone bullies them or they are not satisfied with their self or you might be jealous of the person you are bullying.

    Zion — 10
  • I care because i used to get bullied at school. I was getting called fat and everything else. I had to stand up to the bullies and now I don't get bullied anymore. I know how the people that are getting bullied feel. When I see someone getting bullied i try to help them. I stand up for them.

    Parker — 11
  • Bullying is very bad and mean. Nobody shoud get bullied. If you do get bullied you should speak up for yourself.

    Jabari — 10
  • It's mean.

    Rae — 11
  • I care cause bullying is wrong. When kids get bullied other kids or grown ups should help them. My friend sometimes gets bullied on fortnite. He might get to be the best player in fortnite . That's why i care.

    BRETT — 10