I Care Because…

  • i care because bullying is not fair to kids who just want to have a good time

    Addhy — 9
  • bullying is bad

    nathan — 10
  • I know it is not right to bully, a lot of kids get bullied because of a disorder.

    aubree — berube
  • Because the people don't care. Have to stop the bullying. This is not good for the society.

    H — 11 years old
  • some people my bully you but just do not care about it

    amiyah — 10
  • i am getting bullied right now

  • I care because some people in the world who get lunch money stolen or stuff broken because of bullies. I say we should prevent bullying around the globe.

    samuel k. — 9
  • If you bully u a meany

    t —
  • BE NICE AND no bully 🙂

    skylee — 14
  • if you bully NOT COOL! if you are being bullied STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. if you see someone get bullied SAY SOMETHING.

    pearl — 9