I Care Because…

  • i think bullying is bad because yelling at kids and beating them up is not nice to people and i need to stop yelling at people and the teacher

    jovan — 10
  • bc i got bully myself so i want to stop it and my sis got bully. my sis cried so much. and i do not want kids to be like us so plz plz help me stop bullying ty

    raelynn — 11
  • I think bullying needs to stop because as a young member of the lgbtq+ community I face a lot of bullying and discrimination for being different, and I believe all humans are equal. I personally have not faced any bullying because I only came out recently, but I know I most likely will. That is why I made a GSA(gay-straight-alliance)in my school so people like me can feel safe.

    Elise — 11
  • I have been bullied before, so I think bullying is bad so I think that bullying should be stoped now!

    Samia — 10
  • I care because bullying is just stupid; it makes the other person feel bad, it makes the bully feel bad, it makes onlookers feel bad.

    Emily — 12
  • I do not want to hurt anyone for any reason and everybody has the right to live normally

    Alaa —
  • I care because when others get bullied their feelings get hurt so others try to help it by doing something or stopping the bullies of bullying the kid

    Mohammad — 10
  • I care because I once got bullied and that bully pushed me on a rock so I got a big scar on my face that’s why I care.

    Rashed — 9
  • No one should ever get bullied because when u bully a person it means u think negative

    Bontle — 10
  • i care because sometimes it gives people depression and makes them feel bad.

    shamma — 10