I Care Because…

  • Hi I was bullied for my weight I didn’t like it so you should never bully because it hurts other people

    Kenna — 12
  • the cyber bullying going on tonight just now few mintues ago

    michelle — 4
  • someone choked me and almost made me pass out.:)

    jimmy — 12
  • DO NOT BE A BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i get bullied about my height

  • Hi I'm McKenzie want to be a artist with me if not we can go hang out with the good friends because bullying is not a safe thing to treat someone if you want them to treat you a kind way so hope you can get over your actions and watch out for people that bully you and also don't forget to just ignore at anytime or when you see one

    McKenzie — 10
  • Bullies don't get the victory royale.

    Fred — 12
  • Kids like me shouldn't go through this stuff i may be 9 years old but i have been bullied but i standed up to them and defended myself make sure you try do that as well.

    Zarin — 9
  • why I don't bully is because it won't get you anywhere in life and if you bully you are just like the people in the world that are bad like the thieves or the people that murder. PS. it also wont get you a job or a life !!!!!!!!!!!

    Rustie — 11
  • Don't ever bully because bullying won't ever get you anywhere besides in trouble.

    Keatin — 11