I Care Because…

  • It's mean and not kind at all.

    Kaydence — 11
  • bullies are bad they make you mad they're cruel and they drool.

    Maryam — 10
  • Why i care is because it is not fun to get bullied and get made fun of.

    Trinity — 11
  • Bullying is bad. i used to get bullyied because i am short. it hurt my feelings. please don't bully it just hurts other people.

    Luke — 10
  • It is very very bad

    Monke — 11
  • because when you see someone get bullied you might feel bad but you don't do anything cause you're scared. then it happens to you. know you know how the target felt. and you want to stand up to them. it's rude and when you bully you don't know how much you hurt your target.

    Nyla — 9
  • Bullying always makes people feel down. Stop this restore their rights.

    Samantha — 10
  • It's very bad to bully

    Bradley — 14
  • I want it to S.T.O.P because when you see bullying occur you go and stand UP for the person that is being bullied and then you get that feeling where you feel guilty but you're not guilty you just feel bad for the person being targeted by bullies.

    Hayden — 11
  • it's bad

    lucian — 13