Ask Us: Telling An Adult | PACERTalks About Bullying: Season 2, Episode 21

A question from Dawn, who wants to know what to do if you feel like you can’t tell your parents about bullying.

How Bullying Feels

Kids talk about how it feels to be bullied.


Girl Scout Troup 136

This video was created by a group of young girls, who shared the following advice.

What you should know!

  • Bullying is not okay!
  • We have a right to feel safe, and not be hit or teased.
  • Be treated fairly, and with respect.
  • Be accepted for who we are.
  • Be free of negative peer pressure.

What should I do if my friend or I are being bulling?

  • If you are bullied at school, tell your teacher, school counselor, or principal. Telling is not tattling.
  • Try not to show anger or fear. Students who bully like to see that they can upset you.
  • Most important don’t fight back. Calmly tell the person to stop, and or say nothing and then walk away.
  • If you are nervous about talking with an adult at school, ask a friend or a parent to go with you.

How should you deal with someone who is bullying you?

  • Don’t show emotions and don’t get physical.
  • Act confidently and tell the them to STOP!
  • Walk away quickly and calmly.
  • Tell an adult immediately.