I am a nerd🤓And I am the most bullied kid in my class and maybe even the whole school but I don’t know. Kids say I’m weird, ugly, stupid, annoying, and mean. But I know that most of the kids are just saying that because they were or they are going through a lot. And I also noticed a lot of kids alone are very nice but then when joined in a big group they all start to bully me when with the popular guys. I moved from my old school to a new school to avoid this. It helped a little because I used to come home sobbing but now I have learned how to get used to it. I tried trying many ways to solve it like telling the teacher but that always ends up with the kids making up a completely made up story and the teacher believing that and not be so then I’m like whatever. My parents can’t do anything about it. No friends can help figure it out because they’re just as puzzled as I am. Right now there is no way to directly solve it but there is a way you can help. And I say don’t bully nerds or anyone for that matter. But people seem to be obsessed with bullying nerds so don’t bully.