Bullies always get what they deserve


In sixth grade, there was this one boy I really liked. I was always nervous around him but one day one of my friends let it slip so he figured out that I liked him. He started to act really mean towards me and told all his friends bad things about me. One day, I bumped into him and his best friend in the hallway. He slammed me into a locker and I fell on the ground. The boys started laughing at me and calling mean names, so I got up and left but as I was going his friend tripped me and I fell again. I saw them high five each other then leave laughing. I was so mad. Bullying makes people feel sad, angry, and ashamed. But my friend told me to just keep my head high because they always get their comeuppance that they deserve. She went with me to tell the principal about the boys bullying me, and they said they would make sure to deal with it.

Next period, the boys names were called on the PA and they were sent to the office. Me and my friend watched them in class as they got up and left and joked mockingly about being in trouble. But we smiled to ourselves as we knew what would happen. They didn’t come back until the end of the day, and when they did, the one I liked before stared at me angrily as he packed his things, and I calmly looked back at him. He got suspended for a week with a load of homework, and his friend had to spend the five days in the office doing work in isolation. It was a huge relief for me that week not having to see them at break. Both boys also weren’t allowed to play on the baseball and soccer teams anymore, and couldn’t try out for any more sports the rest of the year. After that, they never bullied me again with the exception of some dirty looks in the hall but I learned to ignore them.

There are always consequences for bullying. It hurts others, so if you bully, expect punishment. People always get what they deserve in the end, whether it’s good or bad, is up to you.