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PACER partners with I Am A Witness

November 2, 2016


PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center has partnered with the I Am A Witness campaign, which aims to stop bullying by activating the “silent majority” of kids who witness it each day. The goal of the campaign is to transform students who witness bullying from passive bystanders into an active collective that speak up against bullying.

I Am A Witness has created the Witness Emoji, which is shaped like a speech bubble with an eye in the center. Students can use the emoji to show support for someone who is being bullied by posting it online or through a text message.

Teens can post the Witness Emoji when they see hurtful comments, or send GIFs and stickers to show support for someone in need.

More than one in four children experience bullying each year, and research has shown that the bystander can play a pivotal role in stopping it. For information, visit

Babble Blog: Bullying Affects All of Our Kids, Even If They Aren’t the Target

October 19, 2016

The second in a series of blogs about bullying was posted to Babble, A Company of Disney, in honor of the 10th anniversary of National Bullying Prevention Month this October. Be part of the movement to unite against bullying and promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion among children.

Bullying affects everyone involved. Whether the child is the target, a witness, or the person who bullies, the end result is that everyone feels less safe. Children aren’t responsible for resolving a bullying situation, but their opinions about how to proceed should be encouraged and respected. Engaging a child in finding the solution helps them learn problem solving and self-advocacy skills.

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UNITY DAY Blog post featured on

October 19, 2016

Featuring information on preventing bullying of students with disabilities.
By: Julie Hertzog, Director PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, and Maureen Perkins, Health Resources and Services Administration

Unity Day is Wednesday, October 19. PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center started Unity Day in 2011. The purpose of Unity Day is to demonstrate that we are together against bullying. We are united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion of all students.

Get involved! Wear and share the color ORANGE on Unity Day! Join in sending one large ORANGE message of support, hope, and unity so that all students feel safe and supported.

Did you know that a student with a disability is two to three times more likely to be bullied? Bullying can affect a student’s physical and emotional health, and it can interfere with a student’s right to receive an education. PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center offers resources for all students, with specific resources for students with disabilities.

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Miami Dolphins Host Hometown Huddle in Partnership with PACER

October 18, 2016


Miami Dolphins alumni Troy Drayton, Lousaka Polite and Twan Russell and cheerleaders Etta, Kristan and Rachael, in partnership with United Way and PACER, hosted a Hometown Huddle at Bob Graham Education Center on Oct. 18. The group hosted a Gatorade Junior Training Camp as the students participated in several fitness-orientated stations and learn the benefits of hydration and staying physically active.

“Today we’re partnering with United Way and PACER for this tremendous event. Tomorrow is Unity Day, so we’re out here showing the kids a good time and we’re also delivering an anti-bullying message,” Miami Dolphins alum and Youth Programs Manager Troy Drayton said. “So today’s a special day for us. It’s just a part of what we do and a part of the Miami Dolphins being in the community.”

Additionally, a UNITY station was added in honor of UNITY day. The kids pledged against bullying and created crafts using positive words. The Dolphins are working closely with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to spread awareness of bullying prevention and to celebrate Unity Day to be united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, which initiated National Bullying Prevention Month and Unity Day, encourages students, parents, teachers, community members, schools and organizations to wear and share orange to support those who experience bullying.

Learn more about the academy.

LOSERVILLE cast and producers celebrate Unity Day!

October 18, 2016

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center (NBPC) is proud to partner with MarVista Entertainment on the newly released Loserville. This captivating teen film follows a high school outcast named Chuck as he navigates the wild and confusing days of his senior year.

Chuck’s plan to capture the heart of his dream girl Melissa, by befriending her younger sister Mary, is complicated by the fact that a video of Mary is the talk of the school. Loserville gives an insightful, unique look at teen life and the issues faced by youth. It’s full of poignant, authentic moments, while sensitively tackling and helping the viewer understand the important issue of bullying.

“We want to thank the cast, crew, and producers for this sensitive look at the issue of bullying,” said Julie Hertzog, director of PACER’s NBPC. “It is our hope that the movie will be a conversation starter for a kinder and more inclusive and accepting world.”

On #UnityDay2016, Oct. 19, members of the Loserville team will be promoting Unity Day by sending one loud orange message of support through social media with photos and videos! See all of #TeamLoserville’s #UnityDay video messages.

For more information about Loserville, visit or follow Loserville on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @LoservilleFilm.

Wisconsin farm teaches bullying prevention with Spookley the Square Pumpkin

October 17, 2016

Schairer’s Autumn Acres in Birnamwood, Wisc., is incorporating the Spookley Farm Program into its activities this season. Spookley, a square pumpkin in a round pumpkin world, is the official Spokespumpkin of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month.

The story is incorporated into the farm’s smaller corn maze for young children, as well as other family activities. Karen Shairer talked about the farm’s bullying prevention efforts on WSAW, the CBS affiliate in Wausau, Wisc.

The Spookley Farm Program is part of an educational toolkit created by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center to complement The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Joe Troiano.

Zero tolerance might sound good, but combating bullying can be as simple as speaking up

October 17, 2016

I was in sixth grade, eating lunch with a friend I wanted to impress, when another girl from our class came over to compliment my shirt. Instead of responding with gratitude, I made an insulting, unkind comment about her body. The next day, I discovered from a teacher the damage I had done to that girl. I had acted like a bully.

Or had I? Some professionals may not have defined my action as bullying but rather as meanness, for it was a single comment – cruel nevertheless – delivered on only one occasion. But could it have turned into something more had a caring teacher not stepped into the picture?

Julie Hertzog, Director of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center was interviewed for this article written by teen author, Sydney Pope.

Read the article.

Raise Your Voice

October 14, 2016

Cyberbullying impacts millions of kids around the world. It’s time to #RaiseOurVoices because our words have the power to help heal. Norton has created this powerful film to encourage starting the important conversation with your child about online bullying. Visit the website.

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Helping to Create Supportive Communities

October 13, 2016


Miss America’s Outstanding Teen is supporting National Bullying Prevention Month with a nationwide effort to wear orange on Unity Day. In conjunction with MAOTeen’s #BeSelfless campaign, which challenges kids to post fewer selfies on social media and share more selfless acts of kindness instead, MAOTeen titleholders from across the country will wear orange on Unity Day, October 19, and post “orange” photos on social media to show support for those who have experienced bullying.

“Using the hashtags #UnityDay2016 and #BeSelfless, we can help to create a supportive community on social media that is united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion,” says Nicole Jia, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2017. Additional information about the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen organization can be found at

Disney #ChooseKindness Partners with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

October 7, 2016


OH MY DISNEY celebrates #ChooseKindness with this video featuring clips from favorite Disney moments to the tune of “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me.”

Watch the clip.