I Care Because…

  • The bully will bully and bully until he learns to be kind

    Keyly — 11
  • Having compassion on other kids who are bullied makes you have the courage to stand up for that person.There should be more people who stand up than ignore bullying.

    Kayla —
  • I care because if people keep bullying and no one does anything to stop it, then others will start bullying too. This will then cause our planet to be inhabited only by rude and mean people. Also, because it's just not right to bully. It doesn't make anyone happy. Even the bully.

    Abhishek — 9
  • Bullying keeps kids and young adults from learning. That's why they are in school.

    Gina —
  • bullies are one of the many struggles making the world less perfect and safe

  • bullying is one of the things that makes the world less perfect

    mason — 11
  • i care because it's not nice to do that stuff and we need to stop this now

    maya — 12
  • Bullying is not cool. Bullies think its funny and cool to bully but people really hurt so stop the bullying people. it's not nice. Treat people how you want to be treated.

    Mariah — 12
  • I care because shouldn't we all? Bullying is a hard topic to talk about and is really hard to deal with. I have experienced this before and the memories still haunt me like ghosts, to this day.

    Izabella — 12
  • because I can stick up for people when they get bullied.

    rylyn —