I Care Because…

  • I care about bullying because it can really hurt someone inside and out. Bullying can make someone want to change something about their unique selves or change their appearance. I think people only bully because they do not like themselves.

    Leila — 10
  • I think bullying needs to stop, because it's being mean for no reason, and for any problem the bully has, it's not going to help them. I think that we should be kinder to one another and make the world a better place for all of us!

    Toby — 10
  • I care about bullying because it is mean and if you bully someone you should stop because think about how they feel think about how you would feel if you were being bullied? BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP!!!!

    Effy — 10
  • It harms other people emotionally and physically when you bully them. It also damages their self esteem. You should stand up to bullies.

    Winter — 9
  • bullying can hurt people in plenty ways and nobody should be getting hurt so badly. I never want to be put in a situation were i'm being humiliated or bullied and have no idea on what to do and never feel like you have no one to talk to because the whole world is on your side.

    Tianna — 10
  • Bullying can only hurt people. It doesn't make sense! Don't bring others down just to make you feel better. It doesn't.

    Benji — 10
  • I care about bullying because it effects people badly and makes them feel like they aren't important but that is not true!

    Emmanuelle — 10
  • I care about bullying because people bullied me and I felt sad on the inside

    Chrisonya — 10
  • I care about bullying because it is cruel and the kids who get bullied (bullying targets) should know what to do to stop the someone bullying them.
    Here are a few tips if you experience or watch bullying:
    1 Stand up to the bully.
    2 Tell an adult, such as a teacher.
    3 Be friends with the bullying target because you can help the bullying target stand up to the bully if he or she is too afraid to do so.

    Good luck!

    Lauren — 8
  • I think bullying is wrong because it hurts the person being bullied and they might harm themselves.

    Ah'Jhanae — 10 -5th