I Care Because…

  • I care because bullying is not nice and every time your teachers say do not bully you don’t do it if you still do it you will get expelled then you will continue and start getting banned from school.

    Ashell — 9
  • I care because I want bullying to stop.

    Darcy — 8
  • because bullying hurts and it's rude and disrespectful

    Averey — 8
  • i care because no one should be left out.

    Jake — 7
  • It feels good to make someone happy.

    Gemma — 7
  • I care because it's nice to make friends and have someone to play with.

    Maxon — 9
  • I would not let anybody bully me because I know they want something I have and they are jealous of me some people bully other people because they just want to be mean and don't care about anybody else but themself some people are really really jealous of you. Don't let a bully get to you because they are jealous of you like at school some people talk about somebody's mom and I tried to tell them to stop but they don't so I tell the teachers.

    Karmen — 9
  • I care because bullying is terrible and no one wants it to happen to them

    Maya — 8
  • I care because i think bullying is mean and i think you should just quickly go tell a teacher if you see someone getting bullied bullying is something kids do to be mean to other kids which is really mean there is all kind of bullying. Stand up against bullying

    Megan — 10
  • I care because caring is not something you do alone you do it with your heart and it is important to others because maybe they went through something and they just need a friend to help them out. also it is good to care for each other because you know someone always has your back.

    Jazleen — 10