I Care Because…

  • I think bullying is wrong because it hurts the person being bullied and they might harm themselves.

    Ah'Jhanae — 10 -5th
  • I care because bulling is a really bad thing to do!

    gianna — 10
  • i care about bullying because that's not right to bully each other you can be better than that just stop bullying i now how that feels because i was there before.

    yasmarie — 16
  • I care about bullying because it’s so mean and it causes negative feelings in the person being bullied.

    Lauren — 8
  • I care about bullying because I want to help my school become a better place!

    Karolyn —
  • For we won't get bullied, and we can be free and not get Hurt by bullies.

    Andre Puerto 5th — 11
  • I care because I saw my friends being bullied.

  • I care because I am being bullied

    Isabelle — 10
  • I care because I used to get bullied by people much older then me till I told my teachers them they stopped it felt so much better after that

    Daniel — 10
  • I care because people around the world are being bullied and its wrong stand up for your self!

    Quinn — 10