I Care Because…

  • There are many reasons why people bully sometimes people bully because they been bullied before so that bully just wants to bully others because the same thing happened to them and they might’ve thought that it was okay. Another reason is because sometimes people might be jealous of someone. And I have seen people be bullied at my school and I always tell that bully to follow the Golden Rule which means treat people the way you want to be treated. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” STOP BULLYING!

    Skyler β€” 14
  • Why bully when you can be buddies

    Kayla β€” 10
  • Stop bullying if u bully more it just makes the people around u to not be your friend

    Sebastian β€” 10
  • I think that bullying need to stop because kid can hurt they self or kill they self

    Zuhailey β€” 11
  • Never bully by how people look or act it never ok πŸ˜”HELP KIDS WHO ARE GETTING BULLIED OK

    Kayla β€” 10
  • i care because people hurt them selves due to not having a great life, all because of bullying. STOP BULLYING NOW!!

    Nevea β€” 11
  • It not ok to bully it hurts you and them its never ok. if you see someone doing it tell them to stop or tell a teacher and then you may make new friends ❀️But its never ok 😭 Its not nice or right that person may have stuff already and does not need this so just plz dont bully its not nice and if you feel alone I am here even if you dont know me I am here πŸ‘

    Kayla β€” 10
  • never be a bully because you will be called a bully for the rest of your life

    AVA β€” 8
  • People are probably bullied for their life. think about you being bullied will you like it??????

    Samantha β€” 8
  • Bullying is bad and can hurt people really bad and it doesn't make you feel any better when you do bully. And remember always be strong.

    Akayla β€” 12