I Care Because…

  • I love to read books im a bookworm

    Elle — 14
  • It makes people feel horrible!

    Maria — 14
  • I been bullied so much I felt alone and I almost lost my life, and one person cared and been there for me and I am here now. I make sure no one feels that way. Love is more powerful than hate. So showing that you care can make a difference.

    Andi — 18
  • People shouldn't be judged cause of what race language voice and looks to me were all the same and we need to prove who we are as friends not foes

    Parker — 18
  • its mean!!!!!

    tom — 4
  • I was bullied on the bus all the time for no reason...I don't know why...though but bullying isn't cool...

  • I care bc i have been bully'd too and i almost got kick'd out of school bc of the bully and i dont wish to no one to be bully and if u bully change or tell someone your filings pls pls dont bully😊
    Riten by ariajna who was bully. But she still loves her life 😉

    Ariajna — 18
  • I care because caring to people makes the world a better place

    Taleen — 12
  • I care because caring to people makes the world a better place, and if you care to other people, people care to you too 🙂

    Taleen — 12
  • I care because although I have never been bullied people around me have and it is painful to see. Others may turn a blind eye, but I can't do that because I sometimes see a mean part of me come out that I don't like and I correct myself. So I know what it's like in a bullies pov and it isn't beautiful, and I want to do better and try my best to show I care about what is happening to those around me.

    Jasmine — 11