I Care Because…

  • I think bullying should stop. If a person hasn't done anything to you don't be mean to them! When I saw a person bullying my friend I marched right up to them and off he went. If somone bullies you just stand up to them and don't let them get away with it! I hope this has been useful,Thank you and Goodbye!

    Ellie — 10
  • I care about the kids that are getting bullied. i will say stop getting bullied ask an adult.

    Milssa — 11
  • I was bullied when I was in primary school because I had this boy that I liked but I didn't so he started to bully me. So I stand up against him he stop.

    Xena — 13
  • I went through it and it was awful

    Ayden — 10
  • i bully

    emily —
  • she cry.

    rita — 12
  • I have been bullied a lot by kids teasing and hurting me.

    Priscilla — 14
  • I was bullied in high school by the hole of 2 year groops because I cant spell that good an cos I was more like a boy than a girl and I had no friends cos thay joined in with the bullies I'm now home schooled yaaay I don't have to put up with them no more but I know what its like and to know ppl are going throw it it herts my hart to know that and when I'm older I will all ways stik up for the ppl that are being bullied I wanted to start my own campane aganst them

    alanah — 14
  • They only do it for fun so don't let the bullies win

    Lisa — 11
  • I got bullied in preschool, then bullied others in kindergarten and first grade, then got bullied for that through elementary school.

    Simran — 17