I Care Because…

  • 1. accept people as they are
    2. share with all people regardless of the defects they have
    3. Support the partner who is being bullied. Nobody deserves to be treated badly.

    Nafer — 10 años
  • kids should be treated like you want to be treated and respect the others around you.

    Beckett — 11
  • Accept the differences of others

    Juan — 10
  • help others. it is rude to bully and support them.

    anthony — 10
  • Me importa por que no hay que maltratar a los demás ni decirles cosas malucas ni ser grosero con los que te rodean.

    Juan — 10
  • do not bully. it is mean and no body likes it

    theo — 9
  • bullying can really affect people. no one should be bullied cause of their gender, sexuality, height, looks or anything. it's never fine to be bullied.

    Holly — 9
  • bullying is just rude and mean and the world would be better if bullying stopped forever.

    yasmina/milo — 11
  • Bullying is not nice it is rude and no one should be bullied. When you see someone get bullied tell an adult right away no one deserves to be bullied just because of their skin color, age or gender.

    Leena — 10
  • bullying is wrong and no one should be doing that to others just because they think they're smarter or more beautiful.

    Amina — 9