I Care Because…

  • I care because I've been bullied almost all my life, because of my hearing. and that I can't understand a lot of things. one thing I hate about bullying is that, they think its ok to bully someone that is different then they are. IT'S NOT OKAY!

    summer — 16
  • I care about people who get bullied. It is not nice to anyone.

    Katie — 10
  • I care because I used to get bullied also

    Kat — 15
  • I care because it is not right to bully and I want to help stop bullying because bullying is not right and I have been bullied and it hurts words and physical bullying hurts so please do not bully help stop bullying.

    bella — 10
  • do your best and ignore them and stand up for yourself

    mya — 10
  • I care because being bullied is not fun. It feels very embarrassing or sad. When I was in first grade people would make fun of my clothes, skin color or even my grammar. It's not fun at all so that's why you should join the cause.

    Tony — 9
  • Why I care is because bullying can hurt someone physically or emotionally.

    Brayden — 9
  • This is why I care. I've been a bystander to a bully. It's not ok to stay there. Get help, when you're in a disagreement.

    Ava — 10
  • Because it's becoming a big problem all around the world. It's making people sad, and it is hurting people. I think that bullying should stop, and we can stop it if we try.

    Aubrey — 9
  • I care because i've been bullied before and its scary and to stop bullying you have to report to an adult. if you see a bully bullying someone tell a nearby adult to make a better place in the world stop bullying

    Derek — 10