I Care Because…

  • Bullying is WRONG, Nobody EVER deserves it! Even if they are different or not the same! Everyone should care for each other and nobody will be HATED! Everyone is supposed to be nice and NEVER be low key MEAN and DISRESPECTFUL! Everyone deserves a chance and NEVER should EVER bully each other, We should let the world be peaceful where nobody is cyber bullying or bullying at school for 2 days at least and see if people will make friends.

  • i think bullies should stop being rude

    brayden — 8
  • it's disrespectful and people should never bully. quote: no one is perfect, that is why pencils have erasers.

    Chance — 9
  • I care because I think it's very rude to bully people that didn't do anything wrong.

  • let's say someone bullied you that will stick in your mind forever so don't bully

    christian — 10
  • i care because we need to stand up to bullies

    isiah — 12
  • it hurts people kids and makes depression and sadness happen

    griixy —
  • because bullying is not fair for kids they should be able to not be bullied

    Nyasia — 12
  • I think bullying is horrible and no one should be bullies or targets

    allison — 11

    K — 9