I Care Because…

  • I promise to not let anyone get bullied in my presence. I will lead good examples and treat with kindness and respect.

    Nova — 6
  • Bullying hurts others, not only that but it also hurts the entire family of theirs if they know about it, And, if someone ever chooses to help YOU stand up to the bully, you should also help them stand up if theyre also being bullied.

    Jeroan — 10
  • Bullying does not just affect the person being bullied it affects the whole family, some families have lost their children because of bullying and now that family is no longer complete!

    Isaiah — 13
  • it is very bad and mean!!!!!!

    katy — 2
  • I been bullied my whole life since I was three by my friends, cousins and other people I know how it feels I don't want other people to be bullied if they don't deserve it everyone has to be happy no one should bully.

    Manal — 8
  • Don't bully or other people will bully on other people. We want to make the world a better place not change it to peace to a world of broken hearts. That's why we made kids take on bullying.

    Reagan — 6
  • it isn’t cool and if u bully u can get in lots of trouble

    Jake — 9
  • Anyone out there who thinks it is funny to Bully, it’s not and no one should bully because you never know what someone is going through and bullying is not right. Instead of bullying, make the world a better place for everyone. If you try I’m sure you can.

    Ruth — 9
  • Bullying does not just hurt yourself it hurts the bully's self-esteem.

    Stellan — 11
  • it is bad

    jack — 12