I Care Because…

  • Just don't bully i am saying this from the experience of being severely bullied
    You go home and just cry, sometimes people might feel like they can't be happy. It just is not kind. Be a BESTIE not a BULLY.

    Brielyn — 11
  • Everyone should feel welcomed and heard

  • I care because I think everyone should be treated with kindness and no one should be scared to come to school.

    Enita —
  • I care because I know how it feels to feel little.

  • I care because I don't want anyone to feel as if I am the cause of their pain or suffering; I want to be known as a friend and someone who is an ally.

    Mary Anne —
  • Because I'm a mother and I'm concerned about bullying in my kid's school.

    Maria —
  • stop bullying

    walter — 9
  • be kind to yourself and others

    shelby — 11
  • i care because am i victim of bullying myself and it really helps to know that there are thousands of people around the world that care for others in my situation. So i want to say thank you to everyone who is participating in this campaign.

    maleah — 11
  • This is what I have to say to bullies "stop it, get some help".

    Lee — 14