I Care Because…

  • i care because my teacher was bullied when she was a kid but now she takes care of bullying so it can stop and no one else gets bullied

    Jane — 11
  • I think it is a good idea to have a teacher in every area during recess because of bullying in 1st grade I was bullied for glasses. I know how it ends up not being good for you too.

    Iris — 9
  • I think it is important to stop bullying because it could cause serious harm to the families that have to deal with it.

    Hunter — 13
  • Bullying is bad for others and makes them very sad and not that nice and cool that hurts other people's feelings and that not cool or nice to anyone.

    Anthony — 7
  • I care because it can ruin someone's mental health

    Branddon —
  • I care because it is mean.

    Darius —
  • Bullying is a very harmful and rude thing that needs to stop. It can leave kids to be depressed, or even lead to suicidal thoughts. The bully can be bullying because of their own personal problems too, so we can also look out for that and make sure that everyone is okay. In conclusion bullying can be very serious and is incorrect.

    Angela — 13
  • I care because everyone should be treated the same.

    Brianna — 13
  • I care because bullying is wrong and can make people wanna die.

  • I care because my brother was bullied and he was awful. He wasn't energetic, he didn't want to hang out anymore, and that made me feel bad. When you bully, you don't just affect the person, you affect everyone around them whether you like it or not. Sometimes, we bully because we feel bad about ourselves and if that's you, talk to someone so you don't hurt anyone else. It's not cool.

    Emma — 13