I Care Because…

  • I think bullying is wrong. I think it is wrong because nobody deserves to be bullied because they did nothing wrong. Just because they look different or there bad at something or there better than you at something doesn't mean to bully. You just let them down and make them feel bad about them selves -- what if someone did that to you? would you like that. No so if you don't like it they won't like it. Just think next time before it comes out of your mouth think will it hurt the kids feelings.

    aShLyN — 10
  • I do not think it's right to bully

    mzrs — 10
  • bullying is wrong to me and other people because when i see bullying i stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maddie — 10
  • I care because bullying is not nice and nobody deserves it. Most people don't like bullies so the bullies shall feel alone and bully more and wonder why no one is their friend and bully and bully until they have friends which might be never unless they have a group that is encouraging them to bully because for some reason that i don't know so don't bully or else you won't have "many" friends maybe some though that tell you to bully but not many actual friends that encourage you to stop bullying.

    Ava —
  • bullying iz wrong

    bill — 5
  • Bullying is wrong. NO ONE should EVER do it, and NOTHING can change that.

    Annie — 9
  • I care because bullying is extremely wrong. i’ve been bullied for the way i look, dress and act. victims of bullying often times feel like they’re alone, especially if there are witnesses or bystanders nearby. they think that no one cares enough to stand up to the person. people feel so alone. they try to harm themself. please, if you are a victim of bullying, reach out to someone. harming yourself DOES NOT end the pain, it passes it to someone else.

    Amber — 16
  • I think bullying is wrong. they didn't do anything only the people who are bullying. If you see someone being bullied don't accept that -- go help them even if you don't know who they are go help and care for them. Nobody deserves to be bullied at ALL!!!

    Ashlyn — 10
  • I care because it is not nice to bully and no one likes it except the bully and most people don't like bullies.

  • You shouldn't pick on kids just because you are better than them,you should try to help them with their weaknesses. Because everyone is different and I think people should respect them. And even if you aren't a bully try not to be a bystander. Be an up-stander. Help stop bullying!

    Violet — 9