I Care Because…

  • don't bully it is mean. People should be treated the way they want to be treated.

    Amelia — 10
  • because i don't want anybody getting hurt or feel traumatized their whole life.

    ty — 10
  • Bullying is bad. I know because I have been bullied. So please do not bully. It's bad.

    jeff — 9
  • Bullying people is bad. Nobody should do it. Lets stop bullying.

    jackson — 10
  • people care if you are bullying them

    Caleb — 9
  • Never bully you will get in trouble if you bully. Don't even try to bully once no matter what you will get in trouble. Ok?

    Brandon — 9
  • do not let the bully get in your head

  • I care because kids at schools can be mean and be a bully and hurt lots of people's feelings.

    Harrison — 8 Eight
  • bullying can make people feel less important

    maxwell — 11
  • I care because no one deserves to feel alone or hurt. Each and every person in this world is beautiful and amazing, and they deserve to feel that.

    Anna — 11