I Care Because…

  • when you are bullied it does not mean you do not have friends but if you think you have friends turn to them

    Tessa — 10
  • bullying is bad and it can hurt the person u are bullying. "Treat others like u would want to be treated."

    Isabelle — 10
  • bullying is wrong and it can hurt people's feelings and that makes u a bad person

    Isabelle —
  • Bullying is VERY morally wrong. it is sad that people think that bullying makes them better than the victim because it doesn't make you look cool, it makes you look like a jerk.

    Katelyn — 11
  • Les mot et les acte sa peut baucoup blessé que se soit moralement ou physiquement sa reste de l' harcèlement.

    Adem — 13
  • Bullying is bad because it hurts others' feelings.

  • No one should be treated in this way "treat others the way you want to be treated"

    Reagan —
  • bullying is bad because it is bad

  • I care because I don't want to hurt other people's feelings, I want to treat them as equally as they will treat me. I want everybody to feel part of this world and make them feel welcomed and comfortable to settle in!

    Stephanie — 10
  • bullying is bad because it will hurt your feelings and also it will make someone to not be your friend

    mona — 11