I Care Because…

  • To Everyone Who Gets Bullied tell an adult and get help! its ok to tell you are technically not a snitch cause you did the right thing!

    Natalee — 10
  • YOU should never stand by and watch someone get bullied or be treated unfairly. REPORT it to an adult. Take up for the person by telling the bully to stop and remove the person from the situation. Love everyone and Always be kind.

    Just a Kid — 12
  • Bullying is not cool. If someone bullies you it probably means they have been bullied before.

    Carlos — 11
  • dont bully because some people might want to harm themselves

    Krya — 13
  • I am a victim of bullying. I am getting bullyied alot where I live because of the color of my skin. I'm African American and Indian but I just look afro-american. No matter of a person's skin color race or background should they be bullied.

    Jovanna —
  • Coming from a person who been bullied and still is don’t bully it's not right and it can hurt people in many ways

    Jade — 13
  • I don’t know why bullying happens

    Zaylah — 9
  • Bullying is a serious issue across the world STAND UP

    Natalee — 10
  • Don't bully, it's not OK. I get bullied almost every day by someone and it's not fun, Even if you're doing it for fun most people will find that you're just projecting your insecurities on someone else, so don't bully.

    Coralie — 10
  • Bullying ain't cool bruh

    Demetrius —