I Care Because…

  • I am a vegetarian. The kids who hunt tell me what they killed and the boys kill bugs, frogs, and mice in front of me because they know I am against it. They call me mean names and laugh at me. A couple of times people have even tried to shove meat in my mouth. No one should be bullied for their beliefs, whether it be eating regimes, sexual orient, characteristics, or anything that makes you special. Stand up for yourself- you're not alone!

  • I care because there are people who just want to be mean and don't care about others.

    Kal — 11
  • bullying is bad!

    jack — 21
  • I care because people need to understand what they are doing and what they say

    Destany — 13
  • I was bullied by a kid because I had long hair

    Gabe — 16
  • I care because I have many friends who have suffered from bullying and I don't want them to feel that way at all! I'm always there for them which is what you can do to help the impacts of the bullying. Be a friend, not a bully.

    Riley — 13
  • I been bullied because of my name

    Barney — 21
  • I was bullied when i was 3 to16 it was the worst years of my life

    Freddy —
  • I care because once I kept getting bullied every single day till I was 18 it was very difficult for me to get through it it was every day

    Rick — 21
  • I care because there is bullying going on every day and we need to stop it all over the world we all should take a stand against bullying (Join The Cause)

    Rah’zir — 10