I Care Because…

  • i care because i have been on both sides and even if it doesn't seem like it the bully needs help to because no matter what they bully for a reason even though bullying others is the worst way to cope with what they have going on they do .

    M — 15
  • I care because no one deserves to be bullied. Especially not because of skin, race, religion or how smart you are. Remember bullies only bully others because they feel bad or insecure about themselves. If you are experiencing bullying tell an adult IMMEDIATELY! And remember... There are alot of people out there who can help you! :):):)

    Briana_DTHS — 13
  • it's not fair to be called names or be bullied

    floss — 8
  • I got bullied in first grade i care because i don't want people to go though the same thing I went though please don't bully STOP BULLY

    Isabella — 13
  • I have been bullied and it wasn't fun. I was bullied because of my brown skin tone. After going through this I thought about all the other people being bullied and I knew how it felt. No matter who the bully is NEVER put up with it and no one else does either. And also NEVER show the bully a reaction because that is all they want. Anyway
    if you are being bullied tell an adult.
    SPEAK UP!!!!!

    Dolphin Girl — 7
  • I had a bully being mean to me and I thought it wasn't fun but they are only trying to make you feel upset so I said stopping them from talking to them and it kind of worked so that's how I'm gonna do it again if I have another one

    Megan — 11
  • Because Q with his friends always bully me and be mean one day C dared his friend H to come up behind me as I was entering and smack me but that I felt harassed and I did not like it seriously I'm only In primary school isn't that a bit too inappropriate for kids that age I'm still outraged and will not forget about it

    Constance — 10
  • I care because others care about me.

    Anthony — 6
  • I care because no one deserves the life they might be going through so I want to make sure and empathise with the people who are living the life they don't deserve.

    Swuathi — 12
  • I care because my best friend fell into a deep depression because of bullying and he has struggles with it. It destroyed his joy and his attitude and appearance changed drastically. He is now doing better but still has depression the fact that every thing my friend is going through is because of bullying shows how powerful bullying is.. Too powerful.

    Terra — 17