I Care Because…

  • I care for people because there are many people and everybody is different and that is how we are supposed to be. Because we are who we are.

    Padmajay — 8
  • I care because of a lot of different reasons one being that it can lead people to harming themselves and no one wants that on a family or even for someone. Another reason being that I have many different family members that used to be and it made them feel bad about themselves and it affected the whole family.

    Kaylynne — 12
  • when you bully why do you? because something is happening at home or something is happening in school? are you getting bullied in school, so you bully, but later in life you might get hurt

    mia — 9
  • I care because I know how it feels to be bullied. I don't want anyone to experience it. It feels like no one likes you not even your friends because they're told not to be friends with you, then they do what that person said. it's hard to even show your face in the house. That is why I care about people being bullied.

    Isa — 10
  • I care because everyone should be treated with respect and kindness. It could lead to self-harm and turn into worse things. treat people how you want to be treated.

    sofia — 12
  • Bullying is wrong, and it can have lifelong effects on everyone involved in a role in bullying. People who bully and are bullied are at the highest risk of the effects. Bullying should be taken seriously by everyone. We all need to take a stand.

    Kami — 13
  • I care because caring makes you feel proud and you help people around

    Inaaya — 8
  • Bullying is not ok in any way it can hurt people and can make them feel like they're not enough and everyone is enough so if you are being bullied just remember that I am here for you.

    Chanley — 11
  • porque no nos gusta dar bullying a las personas y es malo no te van a aceptar

    Nidia — 10
  • bullying is not good because you can make someone feel like they're not enough and you don't know what they're going through at home. so if you bully take a minute to think about what things they could be going through at home and think about if you were them getting bullied. so don't bully.

    Layla — 11