I Care Because…

  • Bullying should stop because it has negative outcomes on the adulthood of its victims. Bullying needs to stop. Fix it.

    Clemencia — 20
  • You bullies out there, if you are still bullying, consequences and punishment is for bullies.
    Even if you don't care, think about your future, and think twice before saying something that is not that nice to others. Here is a tip. We all understand why we bully because it has happened to us before, but if it continues, then others are gonna do the same thing, and it won't stop. So, I suggest that you stop right now.

    Tamara — 11
  • Bullying is a mean thing to do.when you bully kids that are not your age that just means that they are jealous of you because they have nothing better to do.so bullies just go around bullying kids .you kids have to understand that there is no reason to be afraid of bullies in your school and if they come near you just get ready to stand up for you self and don`t believe what bullies say because what they say does not mean anything.

    janaye — 13
  • I would help some that are getting Cyber-Bullied by another kid. I would go up to the bully and tell him or her to leave before i will the teacher.

    brisa — 15
  • Plz stop bullying and I don't mean plz I mean stop this second if u don't those nerds will secretly take classes of boxing and those things then they will beat u up and u don't want to get hurt do u!

    aryana — 9
  • i care because its not only the bullied that are getting hurt the bullies also get in trouble

    ryan — 7
  • Because bullying is making people feel less then they really are . I know that for a fact someone can bully you because they are jealous or they need to take out their anger and problems on someone else and that person could be you

    Jo — 10
  • bullying is not cool. together we can stop this and save the victims from horrible pain!!!!! I love everyone and I think and pray for them.

    Alex — 11
  • its sucks and its not ccol

    moly —
  • I care because it has happened to me before and it is not pleasant, trust me I know. when bullying happens it is usually because the person is either jealous or they have something going on in their life and they want others to be miserable.

    Kaitlynn — 12