I Care Because…

  • Bullies are not real bullies. Deep down all bullies have a kind side. Just everyone forgets this. Bullies just have something or someone who makes them change their kind ways. Every bully just needs a kind person to change their thoughts and feelings.

  • Your shouldn’t bully others because they might not feel loved and valued.

    Not saying — -
  • I think bullying is bad becausethe person who is the bully is immature because they are just hurting their own self. They are also disrespecting the person they are bullying. I do not think bullying is the way to get through your path. Get through your path with kindness.

    Gigi — 9
  • Bullying can have a huge effect on people’s lives. I myself have experienced bullying and it’s the most horrible things that happen everyday! The victims can be hurt in ways the bully might never imagine, it’s important for the “victim(s)”, to stand up for themselves and/or ignore the bully.

    Aditi — 10
  • I care about it because I know that bullying is wrong and I was once bullied.

    Jordan — 9
  • stand up for one another like how I did plz

    Brooke — 9
  • I used to be the biggest bully when i was younger when i started growing up and i realized that i've been bullying people, then i was ashamed of myself. i hope you guys understand. it's not good.

    Alexis — 13
  • Bullying is wrong, people shouldn't do this everyday. It's hurting people's feelings.

    Jayden — 9
  • Bullying is very bad because people go through it everyday and they shouldn't. It makes them feel that they should hate themselves when they shouldn't!

    Lexie — 11
  • i care because i do not hurt anyone cuz it will hurt my feelings bad to see someone hurt because of me it will make me feel bad.

    carter — 8