I Care Because…

  • DON'T BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Margot — 10
  • dont bully its not okay and it should not go by without consequences

    kaitlyn — 10
  • bullying is mean a lot please do not do it

    Magdalena — 8
  • Bullying is a horrible thing that sadly happens to 1 out of 5 kids, and every day. People make fun of kids for being different which is NOT okay.

    Lan-Lan — 14
  • It's so dumb how people get bullied for who they are

    Booknequia — 11
  • Bullying is not right. We should stick up for those who are bullied. Stand up to the bullies no matter who they are and don't be a bully.

    Peyton — 10
  • you should not bully because its really mean and if you do it they might start crying and run away

    Lily — 8
  • I care because people bully kids but people should be respected. People bully but there has to be a reason. People like me should stand up for bullying even if they're scared. If you or me see bullying we should stand up for bullying, and remember stand up for bullying even if you're scared.

    Gabrielle — 8
  • bullying is not ok its mean so stop bullying today

    kwaleb — 12
  • cause people get bulled too much.

    bryn — 8