I Care Because…

  • I care because I am shamed and struck down by my peers every day.

  • We are all connected by the fact that each of us once was a tadpole. We are all humans. We are all equal.

    Matthew — 11
  • i care because i was bullied at some point. it's the worst feeling. i believe that if everyone comes together, we could help others who are being bullied to stick up to their bullies

    Abigail — 11
  • i am 12 years old and i get bullied cause of my last name and it started to get annoying after i was 10 so i dont care what people think of me anymore.

    Mallory — 12
  • i dislike bullying

    Joe —
  • Bullies sometimes have difficulties and get bullied from their own bully. l get bullied by my middle name.

    Safiya — 11
  • because I'm built different

    jayden — 12
  • i am a 15 yr old that gets bullied from my last name. i get bullied everyday because of my last name

    kyile — 15
  • i get bullied and i want to prevent bullying so other children do not feel the way that i feel. It is a terrible thing that appears in every school.

    grace — 11
  • I care because no one should get bullied either cyber bully or not. For example if you were that person who is bullying someone think about what if you were that person you would be scared you have to treat people they way you would want to be treated.

    Samanvi — 10