I Care Because…


  • you should never have to get bullied at any time.

    greta — 10
  • Don't bully because it's wrong and you will get in trouble

    Oliver — 10
  • I care because I have gotten picked on about my height .💖

    Zoe — 9
  • You should never do mean things.

    George — 10
  • I care because when someone is getting bullied sometimes I just watch people stand there but then I step in and stand up for the boy or girl who is getting bullied. I also care because I have gotten bullied before too and I know how it feels to be bullied and it doesn't feel good so I try my best when I see bullying I stand up for the person getting bullied!!

    Lennon — 10
  • bullying is bad for your mental health

    Ang — 11
  • never be a bully bullies are unkind and do not help others and do not say sorry they are the opposite of nice if you are a bully put yourself in whoever you bullying shoes how would you like it treat people how you want to be treated follow the golden rule how would you like it if you were getting bullied you probably would not like it that is why you should not get bullied

    Andrew — 10
  • You should not be a bully bullying is wrong I do not want anyone to get hurt in any way. That is why I think bullying is wrong.

    Conor — 10
  • I really care