I Care Because…

  • Kids at school make fun of my clothing even teachers are mean to me. I thought I looked pretty but my old friends don't like it. I want to be myself. But I can't.

    Zaynab — 12
  • i have a hope that bullying will stop. i pray every night to god himself.

    sarah — 16
  • I feel that bullying is a very wrong thing to do. It lowers peoples self-esteem and makes them feel less. Just remember this "Treat others the way you would want to be treated."

    Lio — 11
  • stop bullying plz

    jeff — 9
  • I'm weird and proud. But other kids find it easy to pick on me because I'm a bit of a teachers' pet. I'm normally perfectly pleased with myself, but school is another story.

    Grace — 12
  • I have been bulled, but it was when I was about 4 it still hurt! don't make fun of the way people look it makes them angry then they might start bullying, be the one to stop it.

    Janice — 12
  • someone pulled down my pants

  • well this one time in first grade i got bulled and i said back to him "what you call me is what your calling yourself" and that was the last time he called me dumb "not to sound mean"

    kody — 12
  • I have seen bullying, especially in the sixth grade. At this age there is too much cursing, inappropriate language, and inappropriate actions. this world is getting nasty, so lets do what we can make it better.

    Henry — 11
  • Do NOT bully people. Bullying is one of the worst things you can decide to do. It does not make anyone feel good. Stand up to bullying.

    anonymous — anonymous