I Care Because…

  • I care because I know how it feels and you should treat others how you want to be treated

    Harmony — 8
  • I care because bullying so mean and i care so much

    Candice —
  • Bullying is mean and we should give kindness and respect to others because if you show respect and kindness they will do the same thing to you.

    Abigail — 10
  • Bullying is bad because it can cause ppl to hurt themselves it also reduces people's confidence.

    Eric —
  • I care because one of my friends used to be bullied and now she is on of the nicest people I know, I don't think that she deserved to go through that.

    Claire — 11
  • do not bully people, because when you apologize they might not want to be your friend. They might not trust you.

    Leah — 10
  • Bullying sucks because when you get hit it makes you say ow.

    Quantavious —
  • Bullying is wrong.

    Chloe — 11
  • I care because bullying can cause a lot of problems. For example, people can get hurt and they can target them and this is really bad for younger kids to see. so this is why i care for bullying because kids get bullied and i feel bad for them that they are going through all of these bad things to them and other people in school.

    Luis — 10
  • Bullying isn't fair. It's not funny or anything, and the people should stop.

    Nora — 11