I Care Because…

  • it is not right to bully

    maddi — 12
  • I care because it is not cool to be a bully

  • I care because if it were someone in my family i wouldn't like it or if it were me my parents always tell me and my siblings treat others how you want to be treated

    Antoine — 11
  • i've been bullied

    phillip — 10
  • People are jealous the way you look, you look BEAUTIFUL

    Macie — 10
  • I don’t like bullying because it makes people hurt theirselves. lets stop it

    Kamariah — 13
  • Hi my name is Addison I am 11 yers old and when I was 7-8 I got bullied. I did not know why I was scared to tell the teacher I was scared that it would just get worse. But when I was at recess I sat alone thought I had no friends then I remembered what my friend said if you are alone just find me so I did. We played together but then I had to move and I was nervous about my first day at a new school but everything turned out okay. : )

    Addison — 11
  • I care because no one should have to go through the pain of being bullied. School should be a place of learning and making friends, not being bullied and feeling miserable.

    Dillan — 11
  • i care because bullying is bad and big mean

    gavin — 4
  • I care because it is mean and not nice to have someone picking on you all the time. You should be a buddy not a bully. Except who you are and what you do. Don't be shy to express yourself.

    Martha — 10