I Care Because…

  • I care because I have been bullied before

    Josef — 16
  • I care because when people bully other people the victim can be hurt so badly that they end up hurting themselves and i do NOT want that to happen to any person with those thoughts.

    Memorie — 12
  • I care because bullying is a bad problem and we need to know how to fix it. we always get bullied not me but getting bullied sounds really bad and if we do not fix it it will be an every day thing. but if you are a target then just stop,walk, and then tell the teacher that whoever is bullying you should stop.

    ekai' — 09
  • I care because I've been a target for bully for 5 years since the first time they saw me.

    Alisa — 10
  • sometimes you could hurt someone so much they end up hurting themselves and how do you think it makes the parents feel knowing that their kid is hurting themselves because of what you or your friends said or are doing

    gabriela — 12
  • don't bully because you want to give people hope and caring you want to stick up for the person instead of bringing them down.

    N'Mir — 12
  • I care because it could lead to harming themselves

    Jada — 12
  • i don´t want to be bullied so that's why i care

    Logan — 12
  • Bullying can scar somebody's life forever. It can lead to serious conclusions. Bullying is horrible. Don't do it.

    Silas — 12
  • Kindness makes a difference for everyone involved!

    @_antibullysquad_ — 11 and 12 yrs