I Care Because…

  • I care because people in jr high 6th grade bully me all the time and tell me mean things

    Jahiem — 12
  • I care because it is important to not get bullied because it does not only effect the person but it effects you too but sometimes the person that bullies you is actually a person that got bullied too and take it out on someone else. This is my reason why I care about bullying.

    alaysia — 11
  • I was bullied in 4th and 5th grade

    Hope — almost 12
  • it hurts a lot. One time a girl called me loser although i showed sportsmanship when i lost a game. I was sad.

    Naurah — 12
  • I care because people don´t need to be treated this way.

    Courtney — almost 12
  • once my best friend was getting bullied so i asked them to stop and they did

    Erakah — 12
  • I care because its important to treat others kindly. No matter how they look, but what is the most important is what their behaviors are.

    Arushi — 9
  • I have been through it. And it hurts.

    Katie — 9
  • I care because I am being bullied now but it's stopped for now and bullying isn't nice for anyone

    Reuben — 9
  • I get called a name like fat

    chelsy — 9