I Care Because…

  • Because other people have been bullied and I think that has to stop.

    Tom — 10

    JAQUARIUS — 10
  • I care because I used to get bullied but I told a adult. I don't like bullying because people do harmful things to them selves if they get punched or humiliated in front of the class.

    Wheeler — 11
  • Bulling is not OK! i can remember many times in my life when i was bullied. Its not fun to feel bad about yourself when you haven't done anything wrong. A lot of people don't stop and think about others they only think about themselves and there well being. But if we all work together to stop bullying we can make this world a better place!

    keelie — 11
  • i care to stop bullying because sometimes if people hate the bullying enough and hate their life enough they hurt themselves and no one should have to do that.

    Spencer — 11
  • i care because i have been told by some boys that i look like a boy i really dont want that to happen to other girls.

    charli — 11
  • it can make that person feel sad and not want to go to school.

    teely — 11
  • I care about bullying because it might hurt kids that are being bullied

    don — 11
  • Bullying is not right. I admit i haven't been the nicest , but i sure haven't considered what i do as bullying. Everybody is not nice. I don't think bullying is right. To be called mean things and not tell nobody is not right either. As soon as somebody hurts your feelings you should automatically tell an adult.

    Abrea — 11
  • I care about bulling because if it was me being bullied I would want someone to help me, and I feel bad when others get bullied.

    Jamya — 11