I Care Because…

  • Dont be a bully stand up and help who have been bullied:

    KHAI — 8
  • bullying is not nice be a good friend

    Kera — 8
  • I think no one should bully any one or be harmed

    jaycen — 9
  • Bullying is not right. No one should be bullied and no one should bully.

    micah — 8
  • Dont be a bully to other people. Why i care is because everybody has feelings so when you hurt someone else feelings they cry and get upset, then if you keep bullying no one is going to want to be your FRIEND.

    Destiny — 8

    TEMI — 7
  • The reason why I care is because so people love to do it. But I hate to see people be bullied because it is unkind.And no one is perfect. And they may not be comfortable because they are being constantly bullied. So guys if you see someone being bullied tell an adult. But bullying is not OK. A bully could be the the big tough guy in the corner or the quiet person in the corner.

  • if you are being bullied its ok to tell someone.No one likes being bullied at all. if you see someone being bullied you should tell an adult. Bullying Is Not Cool, It Is Not Awesome And It Is Not right. But you can change that. Make your community and school a better place.

    NOELLE & STEFFON — 8&7
  • bullying is not right it is wrong. nobody deserves to be bullied. bullying makes people feel sad and feel like they're not loved. bullying is not necessary. people should not bully other people. if someone bullies you don't bully someone else.We can stop bullying and you can stop bullying.

    mia — 10
  • If someone bully you sometimes people can cry. People feelings just like you so when you hurt them you upset them.

    Hephzibah — 7