I Care Because…

  • I care because last year I knew a second grader whom was severely bullied I felt I had to stand up for him, he kind of felt like a little brother to me. This year he moved to a different school and I really miss him, I will always remember him.

    Kesey β€” 11
  • Bullying is bad and should never happen! I hope the bullying stops. πŸ™

    Reginald β€” 7
  • Bullying is not a kind thing to do so I care because it really hurts there feelings. If you ever see someone bullying another child go help them! If you don't know what to do you are a bystander but if you do your an upstander read the rules of to prevent bullying. 1.interupt 2.talk to the person getting bullied 3.be brave and tell the bully why it's not good to bully 4.if they don't listen tell an adult where it's happening. Bullying is not a kind of thing we want we want a better enviroment to make the world a better place for everyone.
    We Love Are World!
    β˜†β™‘πŸ€—πŸ™‚πŸŒŸπŸŒ·πŸ΄πŸ“±πŸ˜―πŸ‘©πŸ’‚β€β™€οΈDON'T BULLY!
    !PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!ble

    Sade β€” 6 years old
  • i care about when people get bullied because no one knows what goes on at their house and they bully them for fun cause they was in the same situation and nobody likes that so what we need to do when you see someone getting bullied take a stand tell an adult make that person feel comfortable around you make he/she as your friend and not your enemy always do what is right so you wont be accused to of doing it or doing wrong

    Shameyun β€” 11
  • I was bullied at school and I really hated it but I had to deal with it and I don't want to see anyone go through such terrible bullying that I had to go through and I care because I want to stop all the bullies on Earth but it will be very very hard so I will need everyone else's help also but if you see someone bullying please stop them and tell them why they should be kind. you will make everyone feel better by doing that. no one's ever stuck up for me so I get to do it by myself and I'm still being bullied and I hope that the bullying will one day stop forever.

    Haley β€” 11
  • First of all every school should be more strict on rules for bullies so they will learn their lesson. Second of all Bullying is not ok for anyone to have to go through being bullied due to different mindsets for the victims. All Bullies need to be punished by the schools and law enforcement.

    Hayley β€” 11
  • I care because...when you bully it starts a cycle that is hard to break it is wrong,it hurts.It is a choice that is being made and we can change that by standing up for other people,standing up for yourself,being kind.It is a choice to be a bully..you can change the way that you act you dont have to be a bully,you can change your actions and decide to love yourself and love others.

    Briella β€” 8
  • Hi my name is Miley. I have never been bully before but I've seen my friends get bullied by bullies. It makes me very sad that they hurt them. I wish the world could stop and have more awareness in schools. People change because of bullies. They start being different people.i hope one day there's no more bullies because they hurt people emotionally. So if your reading this and your a bully . Stop hurting people. Let's be a better world.

    Miley β€” 10
  • I am a person that always get bullied.

    β€” 12
  • I was in the 1st. grade when I was bullied. I was so mad, my feelings was hurt. I'd told my teacher but, she did not
    do anything. I'd told my dad what was going on. The next day he came to my school and talked with my teacher
    too. That did not help either. So my dad dad decided to home school me.

    Jazmayne β€” 8